Since 2002,  the exceptional ACMS curriculum has been teaching young musicians the skills necessary to appreciate, interpret, and perform chamber music, under the guidance of the Artaria String Quartet.


ACMS alumni choose wide-ranging career paths, and excel at major conservatories and in professional ensembles throughout the country.

Young Musicians Need


Although our primary focus is on the art and understanding of chamber music, young players also need a place to meet others that share a similar interest in chamber music. ACMS is the guiding hand behind a collection of individuals with a shared interest in the study and performance of chamber music.


Young ACMS participants receive personal attention each week in addition to music instruction. Mentoring by Artaria members adds great value to the program by being an additional set of ears to listen and evaluate the hopes and dreams of each person. Additional mentoring occurs when ACMS alumni return each year from college and/or summer music programs across the country with stories and ideas to share with others.


The Artaria Chamber Music School provides is a center for advanced music study, understanding, appreciation, and performance. It gives purpose and focus to young musicians exploring the possibility of a life in and around music.