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Fall Trimester begins

September 12, 2020

Enroll for the 2020-2021 school year now through May at ACCEPTD.COM
Enrollment Requirements:
1.  Unedited video recording of (1) three-octave scale (either major or melodic minor).
2.  Unedited video recording of a movement from a standard solo piece or unaccompanied Bach.


Submit your application to ACCEPTD.COM
by September 1st to join the 2020-2021
Fall Trimester.
Application Requirements:
1.  Introduction video to help us get to know you:
  • Introduce yourself, age, grade in school, and chamber music experience.​
  • Tell us how you heard about us.​
  • Tell us your goals for the school year.
2.  Unedited video recording of (1) major or minor three-octave scale.
3.  Unedited video recording of a movement from a standard solo piece or unaccompanied Bach. 
4. Unedited contrasting solo piece.
5.  Recommendation letter from your private teacher.


Register online at ACCEPTD.COM

Begin your application today!


Record your videos. Then UPLOAD them to the Acceptd site.


Get your teacher to write you a letter of recommendation. Then upload to Acceptd.


Once all the materials are uploaded, PRESS THE SUBMIT BUTTON

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To provide a rich environment of musical and personal collaboration that encourages creativity, promotes leadership skills, and passes the great traditions of chamber music on to the next generation.