St John the Evangelist Church

St. John's

From the very start of the Artaria Chamber Music School in 2002, the Episcopal Church of St. John the Evangelist has proven to be the perfect partner, offering beautiful performance and rehearsal spaces and a welcoming community of parishioners who appreciate and enjoy the presence of chamber music and young people on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.


The church was designed in 1895 by Cass Gilbert, architect of Minnesota’s present state capitol, and was completed over a 25 year period by Minnesota's most prolific architect and friend of Cass Gilbert, Clarence Johnston. The sound and atmosphere inside the sanctuary is superb. 

Contact St. John's: (651) 228-1172

Episcopal Church of St John the Evangelist

60 N Kent Street

St Paul MN 55102

Step into the teaching spaces at St. John's on a Saturday afternoon and you'll hear singing, laughter, metronomes clicking away, and lots of chamber music being played.


You'll see violin, viola and cello cases strewn everywhere. You'll notice our families are from all backgrounds, from everywhere in our community, immersed in conversation or listening to Artaria coaches in each room coaxing beautiful and exciting sounds out of eager young players.

This is the world of ACMS. At least this is where we start. How far each of our students goes and where the music will take each one of you is still far from known. Our mission is simple: to offer you our chamber music expertise in an environment that challenges, encourages, and holds you accountable to yourself and to others.


We aim to nurture and inspire each individual, and to welcome all of you to our community of chamber music enthusiasts. Each week, our students take part in a journey of learning from a passionate, experienced, and devoted faculty. Sharing this journey with you is what we're all about.